Words they say can be likened to an egg but I think there are exceptions to that. Left to me the saying should be "spoken words are like eggs". This is because written words don't carry so much weight as spoken words, they can be erased or canceled unlike the latter which when spat out cannot be taken back in. It's like the air we breathe. You cannot exhale the same air you inhale. As much as you try it is just totally impossible. Do you know why spoken words tend to be awe fully heavy? Because of the tones and stresses that come along with it and from whom they are coming from. The way a child takes the same statement made by the father is different from the way he would take it from a friend or total outsider. Also the manner in which a guy says 'I love you' to a girl differs because of the intensity in his tone, that is what brings about the psychological response in a lady. A lot of times people are unaware and insensitive to the effect of their words. Some years back my father made a statement about me on Christmas eve and that single utterance have been a drive for years. He never took that statement serious or of any importance but those words have been imprinted in my heart and contributed to my growing up. Spoken words make or mar those at the receiving end. Caution your tongue.  


Seyi Kolawole said…
Hmmmm...that's true. The tongue needs to be cautioned especially when one is provoked

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