Alright, so i have been way for a very very very very long time. I wish i could explain why or what came over me all of a sudden, I really wish i could help you see into my day-to-day life so as you can understand just a bit of this weird sexy-nerdy looking lady. All I can really say now I that I'm sorry. I haven't been who I'm supposed to be to you my readers but I promise you that changes from now. alright just to paraphrase this, I have been having "love" issues. accepting to love myself-who I was, who I am and who I should be- its not been easy cause without accepting me I cant accept others. As I revealed in my profile, I'm a healing young lady believing that those around me or those I surround myself with can help in this healing process. 

Well I want you reading this to know and remember that you cant heal, grow, prosper, develop without first giving yourself permission to do so. Never wait for a go ahead from someone else cause it just might never come and if it eventually comes it might not just come the way you expect it to, with the strength, passion, encouragement ,and all. inner strength, inner passion, inner encouragement, inner understanding is all you need to begin a smooth life journey. Nobody knows your true story, nobody understands perfectly well where you are coming from, where you are going or what you had to go through, how you fought your battles. The only thing the world sees is your star not your scars, they hear your message and not your mess. they are interested in what product you give out but not the raw material, just like in the case of a woman. The world is only interested in what she gives out after nine months but they don't really care to know the state of the raw material put within. 

Do not rush into giving out to the world, let the world wait for the birth of your product. A pregnant woman is never rushed into the delivery mood, nope, everyone patiently wait, though keeping note of every day-to-day progress till the appointed time of delivery, this is because nothing good, beautiful, perfect, precious, treasured, pampered and honored comes in a rush, in a short span of time, in the twinkle of an eye. LITTLE DROPS OF WATER MAKES A MIGHTY OCEAN.

You are not where you are supposed to be. But you know what? You are not also where you used to be. You might be taking baby steps, I want you to know that I am so proud of those baby steps you have taken so far. You don't need the permission of any man to keep going cause you are the captain of you own ship don't let some other captain going somewhere else to sail your ship. Take hold of that compass and sail smoothly to your destination and make sure you do not be carried away by the little storms or tempest, just enjoy the journey and learn while you sail. I LOVE YOU ALL.


Anonymous said…
Hmmm, this is the best message i have read this month. Yes, we are responsible for our ships!
Thanks Sharon
This is awesome.
Hope uv got ur blog monetized.

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