We just concluded the festive season and a lot of us have made resolutions, bucketlists, to-do-lists, etc. Yet just fews days into the year have started giving up on the possibility of doing those things. I can really understand how frustruating it can be to have made plans and still not see any seeming light at the end of the tunnel. Well, I am not here to give any motivational writeups but rather to share with you somethings you should know before you the birth of those plans and expectations. Many atimes our prior knowledge could keep us from furthering ahead. We all do a lot of focusing on the new start and neglect the period before the new start. You know, the period before a new start. I was watching a skit where people were asked why they celebrated the Christmas and the various answers were really hilarious. Well, I would be using the reason behind Christmas to expatiate on this. Like Christmas, we do not get to study and understand the pre-birth period of Christ.
DISCOMFORT: It is certain that there will be a point or points of discomfort. Nothing good comes easy. I am a great cook but trust me when I say there are discomforts in getting a meal prepared. Cooking with my already made nails can be terribly discomforting. (Thats why I rarely polish my fingernails). A very relatable aspect is pregnancy. Whether you are the carrier or not, you get discomforted at one point or the other. While the woman goes through the spitting, vomiting and mood swings, the husband and those around her goes through the getting ordered around part. Getting one order, delivering it and being told it is not what is wanted. (I have been through this being ordered around phase for about 4 times, so I can say it is very discomforting). Sometimes the level of discomfort a project, startup, baby, a new beginning brings shows the magnitude of that new birth. So dont give up or terminate the process because of the discomforts.
DEPTH AND UNDERSTANDING: knowledge and understanding is key in everything. You must have deep understanding of your next step. It should not be the shallow things every other person sees. You should have so much depth that you first do what will bring to fulfillment the vision. Be prepared to make decisions that naturally to man seems stupid but to you who has that depth in understanding it is the best. Take for instance, Joseph and Mary, the outright thing any man in Josephs shoes in this dispensation would have done was to send Mary away. Why would you be pregnant and the next thing that came out of your mouth was that the Holy Spirit is responsible for the pregnancy. Even as a lady, Marys side of the story does no add up one bit. But due to the depth of love he had for Mary, he did not do what I would have actually done. Instead, he took Mary into his house and bore Jesus as his own. Thats pretty hard.

LOVE: Your new start should be able to reflect love, towards people, things, imaginations, etc. Christ was/is Gods demonstration of love to us. We all have that one precious thing we hold dear to our hearts, that one thing you know that you could only let go of it for absolutely nothing. Yeah, thats what I am talking about.
HUMILITY: We all have to be humble and not let that humility make us proud of our humility. (I dont want to go deeper into this because it can take forever.)
SELF-CONTROL: Self-control always works in every situation. There are going to be huddles to stop you. Very tempting ones for that matter but you have to have self-control. This self-control has to be able to be displayed even when you have the full right to situations, things, possessions, what have you. But it just might not be the right time to handle it. For example; you might have been expecting a promotion but the point it comes might not be the right time. You might also be promoted and have rights to certain privileges but you know it might not be pleasant to say but NO, you dont have to. You have got to take hold of yourself and not take. Self-control does not have to do only with temperaments but also with decisions.
STARTING SMALL: It is the delivery period. Dont expect it to be big, giant, great. Everything big started small. Dangote started with a few thousands. The Wright brothers started with one aircraft. Obama was first a baby before growing to being the first Black American President. No one starts big or from the top. No one begins climbing a ladder from the top; his fall is going to be so great. This is so because we all have to learn process. Process to greatness is key. Process is everything. Process is the birth of a big vision.


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