So I woke up this morning to quite a saddening post on instagram. lady reportedly posted that she was raped yesterday and all, and the only thing that could come out from the reasoning faculty of most of readers was how on earth did she get to the guy’s house. Really I do not understand what this world is actually becoming. Have we actually gone so cold to issues as delicate as rape in our society? And to realize that it is actually the female gender castigating the victim and they keep clamoring for the male gender to give them more respect and credit? You do not even give yourselves credit, respect and support. I am not sorry to say this, YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO GET THAT THIS WAY. Why do we tend to isolate ourselves from the society? We make up the society. It was her turn yesterday, it could be yours today.
I can comprehend to an extent that question they kept asking the lady. But really? Should that be the first step? This is no different from the actress-taxify driver story where according to the actress the driver took her to an unknown secluded destination rather than where she proposed. The first comments were humanly diminishing. Why have issues pertaining to the female gender become something of no concern to the world and now also to the females themselves. Every passing day, we see and hear of women backlash each other in public. I am not saying that women cannot disagree. It is impossible to agree on every issue but when you have to disagree on certain issues, it should not be in public rather the discussion should go on in private (with respect and sense, because some ladies just do not know how to talk). Domestic violence is no any different but thank God eyes are being opened to realize that no matter how faulty a lady is, she does not deserve to be hit, manipulated, stalked or threatened.

The males are not excluded from this either. They also get raped and violated also. The fact that it is not as pronounced as that of the females does not make it non-existent. I know of a close friend who was constantly being sexually abused at a young age by his aunt. He never got to speak out to anyone until he read about me and chose to share his ordeal with me. I would say it is because majority of the world is patriarchal, so when news of rape or abuse is heard, it is always assumed to be performed on the woman.

I think it is high time we stop being myopic in our judgment and begin to act first as humans before asking questions. What good are the answers when the victim dies slowly? NO means NO! and love is not manipulative nor painful. Let us all stay woke. No matter how much you dislike a person, he or she does not deserve to be treated less of a human being. Be sensitive. 


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