You might not understand the above statement except someone has ever stood up for you. i have been in situations where someone has stood up for me but THIS is spectacular. at her age a whole lot of us including myself could never imagine doing what she did. even at this point in our lives. Earlier today I was watching a video on Facebook on racism experimentation in top clothing stores in the US and all of the white shoppers kept quite while the shop assistant tried searching and harrassing any black shopper who walks in. It was just one white lady who actually stood up for one of the black ladies in one of the shops and I could feel the emotion and immediate connection between them at that point. Many a times we say we are support, backup, cheerleader, and all sorts but then when the D day to show that loyalty of ours we backoff and turn deaf ears or refuse to be a partaker of such scenerios.
This month of March has and still is the month of women and there were so many campaigns and conferences, I got to attend a few of both but I was not able to attend the most important one to me. #WalkAgainstRape on March 15 in Lagos. I was disappointed that I missed it but I got to lose respect for a few public figures who hyped the whole walk but never showed up nor even sent a representative. And I ask myself 'so why the whole hype from you?'

When I read about Liah Sharibu I had to put a check on myself. Am I ever available for those who need me the most? Is there any ideology I can ever stand up for? Is there any that ONE person out there who could stand up for me when all backs have been turned against me? AM I BRAVE ENOUGH TO STAND UP FOR CHRIST THE SAME WAY LIAH HAS? 
The motivation behind this write up right now is because I have my answer, YES! YES! YES! YES!
I, just like Liah will always stand for what I believe in. All thanks to her I am ready to face what this nation might bring next to our type. Liah has made a name for herself even without realizing it- the Dapichi school girl who did not deny Christ to be freed and I'm proud that it was a lady not a guy because we females are seen to not stand torture and its kind but she did it. I would really love to meet her when she is released.
Who are you? What do you stand for? What and who can you be tortured for or die for? Will you deny yourself in times of trouble? 

I am Sharon Uzondu and I am a CHRISTIAN. I WON'T DENY MY FAITH.


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